Brotherhood of Brew



Brotherhood of Brew is a labor of love that has taken five years to come to fruition. We have been brainstorming a show that has never been done before by welding two completely different industries into one, hour long episode and keep it all entertaining. We are adventurists by nature and beer lovers at heart. As we embark on a journey to find the best brew and the most exciting adventure, we want you to follow along and enjoy these good times with us...Drink up adventure!


{In Production}

Created by: Jeff Coxen

Directed by: AnthonyG Films - 

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-       Brotherhood of Brew is a solid mesh between Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, X Games and Top Gear: America. We travel around North America in search of adventure and good times that take us to amazing breweries! Whether it’s beer, coffee or whatever else gets brewed, we showcase it and we have fun doing it!

Mission Statement:

-       To mesh two thriving industries into one cinematic production while featuring strong storylines, passion and history. Brotherhood of Brew will bring you an entertaining, experience that will put you at the edge of your seat in excitement and have you buckling over with laughter. Brotherhood of Brew is the next big show!

Status: Shooting Episode 7

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